Terms & Conditions

Provider name: Cosy-Bee’s Pet Services 
Telephone: 07809203359 
Email: hello@cosybees.co.uk 

The terms of service, as detailed in this document, apply to the dog walking and/or pet sitting services being provided by Cosy-Bee’s Pet Services.


Cosy-Bee’s Pet Services agrees to provide all services in a reliable, trustworthy, caring and professional manner, and to care for your pet, as you do, in your absence.  

Cosy-Bee’s Pet Services takes pride in the care provided to all pets in our care, and will take every step practicable to ensure their safety and well-being. However, cannot be held liable for any loss, injury or death of a pet, either inside or outside of the home. Cosy-Bee’s Pet Services will only walk a maximum of 4 dogs at a time on group walks. Only those dogs that are happy and comfortable around other dogs will be taken out on group walks. 

In consideration to the services provided and as an express condition thereof, you expressly waive and relinquish any and all claims against Cosy-Bee’s Pet Services, our employees or assigns, except those arising from negligence of the Walker/Sitter.  

Cosy-Bee’s Pet Services is fully insured with PetPlan Sanctuary. This covers public liability (excluding injury to you, or any damage to your property caused by or attributable to any pets), care custody and control of animals (including loss by theft or straying) and animals in transit.  

Cosy-Bee’s Pet Services reserves the right to refuse all services with immediate effect, where there is a risk of injury.  

These terms and conditions will be implemented at the discretion on Cosy-Bee’s Pet Services on a case by case basis. 

      Arrival & Collection 

Please allow a minimum of 24 hours prior notice if there is a change to the collection / drop off address, otherwise the walk may be cancelled at the full rate. Your dog may be out for longer than the booked hour for group walks. However you will not be charged for the additional travel time. Cosy-Bee’s Pet Services reserves the right to refuse services if the dog is not ready for collection, and the full rate will still apply. The arranged collection time is estimated, whilst every effort will be made to arrive on time, please allow additional time in case of delays. You will be notified if the delay is longer than 30 minutes. If a delay results in a walk being cancelled, no charges will be applied. Please note that we may regularly arrive earlier than the booked time, if this is more than 30 minutes earlier then arranged, you will be contacted. Likewise, if there is a last minute cancellation prior to your booking you may be offered the earlier slot.  

      Keys & Access

Cosy-Bee’s Pet Services requires access to a key for the collecting and returning all dogs. Alternatively, if a key cannot be provided, then someone must be onsite at the collection and return times. If this requirement is not met, then the service will be cancelled at the full rate.  

Access to the address must be straight forward. If we are unable to gain access, after making every reasonable effort, the service will be cancelled at the full rate. Cosy-Bee’s Pet Services reserves the right to charge additional fees for being held up when collecting or returning your dog by not having access to your property. 

Where dogs have unlimited access to the garden throughout the day, it is your responsibility to ensure it is fully secure. We cannot be held responsible if any pet goes missing as a result of an insecure garden. Nor can we be held liable for any injury, disappearance, death or fines incurred by any pets who get out. Cosy-Bee’s Pet Services will, however, ensure that any access points to your property are closed and locked properly before leaving.  

Cosy-Bee’s Pet Services will use the key provided to gain access to your property when collecting and returning your dog and for no other purpose. Keys will be kept safe when in our possession, no copies will be made, and they can be returned on request. Each key will be identifiable by a key ring, however no address details will be kept on them. If any keys are lost, you will be notified immediately, and a replacement set will be required at the expense of Cosy-Bee’s Pet Services. 

[Pet Sitting] You agree to ensure that all doors and windows are lockable and all keys provided. Failure to meet this requirement will result in Cosy-Bee’s Pet Services being unable to provide any overnight care. Every measure will be taken to ensure that all pets are walked as per instruction and given time outside to relieve themselves during the course of the day. All mealtimes will still be met and they will have company until 10pm each evening. The full rate of the booking will still be charged.  

      Microchips & Tags

Since April 2016 it is a legal requirement that all dogs are microchipped. Therefore, we are unable to provide any services for dogs that are not microchipped, under any circumstances.  

It is also a legal requirement, under the Control of Dogs Order 1992, that the owners name and address (inc. postcode) must be written/ engraved on the collar or attached tag, worn by all dogs in a public place. Your phone number is optional, but recommended. Therefore, we are unable to provide any services for dogs that do not have an indentifying tag or collar, under any circumstances. 

We strongly recommend that you ensure all of your contact details linked to your dog’s microchip and identification tag are kept up to date. 

      Medical Care & Attention

Please ensure that you keep all contact information up to date, including primary contact numbers, veterinary details and emergency contact information.  

In the event of an injury, every reasonable attempt will be made to contact you before taking your dog to your named (or in the event of an emergency any other) vet. In your absence, pain relief will be sought for your dog, however no further decisions will be made regarding the treatment your dog. We will act, at all times, in the best interest of your dog.

      Injuries & Accidents

Dogs may sustain minor injuries which are unavoidable during the course of a walk or when playing with other dogs. All dog play is restricted to secure, enclosed spaces, and is carefully monitored. However accidents can happen and injuries may occur despite the best supervision. Every practicable effort will be made to avoid any noticeable hazards that may harm your dog. Cosy-Bee’s Pet Services will notify straightaway of any injuries your dog sustains, so you can monitor them and seek medical attention if needed. In some cases basic first aid will be given. You agree to indemnify and hold harmless Cosy-Bee’s Pet Services in the event of any claim by any person injured by your dog, and will be held responsible for any medical expenses incurred as a result. You will be held responsible for any medical expenses and loss of earnings resulting from an injury to the Walker/Sitter.

      Vaccinations, Flea & Worm Treatment

Although we cannot force anyone to take these preventative measures, we strongly recommend that pets are kept up to date with their vaccinations, and receive regular flea and worm treatment. Therefore, we are unable to provide any services to those who choose not to take these preventative measures, for the well-being of the other dogs in our care.  

Please note that despite regularly vaccinating your dog, there is still a risk of them contracting certain conditions. Therefore Cosy-Bee’s Pet Services cannot be held responsible if your dog does contract any conditions, whilst in our care. 

[Pet Sitting] Cosy-Bee’s Pet Services requires a copy of your dog’s vaccination card for all pet sitting bookings prior to commencement. This can be a photocopy or electronically scanned copy. We reserve the right to refuse, or temporarily suspend, services if proof of vaccination cannot be provided, or if they have expired or are otherwise incomplete. 

Cosy-Bee’s Pet Services uses Johnsons Carpet Flea Guard as a preventative measure against fleas in the vehicle, and strictly follows the instructions, as recommended by the manufacturer.

Each dog is provided with a named towel for each dog that is transported in the vehicle. Each towels will strictly be kept for the use on the named dog and washed regularly. When not in use, the towels will be kept in a secure box, which will also be cleaned regularly.

      Seasons & Pregnancy

Cosy-Bee’s Pet Services is unable to walk any bitches who are in season or pregnant. We do ask that you notify us of either condition as soon as possible, however, reserve the right to temporarily suspend any services if your dog does come into season and we have not been notified. We cannot be held responsible for any unplanned pregnancies if we have not been made aware, in advance, that your dog is in season. If we are not notified in advance, the walk may be cancelled at the full rate. 


You agree to take all necessary precautions to ensure that your dog is continuously free of communicable diseases. You must notify Cosy-Bee’s Pet Services immediately of any contagious diseases/conditions that your dog has been exposed to, or is affected by. We reserve the right to temporarily suspend all services until satisfied that the condition is resolved. 

You must notify us, as soon as possible, if your dog is or has been suffering from diarrhoea and/or vomiting. Cosy-Bee’s Pet Services reserves the right to cancel all services for 48 hours after the last bout of sickness to ensure your dog is feeling well enough to travel and interact with other dogs. We can offer a replacement pet check, if required, on the days your dog is poorly so they can go out to relieve him/herself. 

Cosy-Bee’s Pet Services will notify you if your dog eats anything they should not whilst on a walk, in case this results in an upset stomach. Every practicable measure will be taken to ensure that they don’t, however this can occur despite the best supervision. 

It is important to know that allowing insufficient time to digest food before any exercise can result in the potentially life threatening condition Gastric Torsion (bloat). Cosy-Bee’s Pet Services recommends that food be given a minimum of 2 hours prior to taking exercise, and should not be left down for your dog to graze on throughout the day. We cannot be held responsible should your dog suffer with bloat. 

      Behavioural Changes & Incidents

Individual walks may be available for those dogs that are fearful of, reactive to, or overwhelmed by other dogs. However, these will not be available at certain times or on certain days.  

You are required to fully disclose any behavioural or health problems that make your dog unsuitable for dog walking / pet sitting (including excessive barking, incontinence or lack of house training). Cosy-Bee’s Pet Services requests that you advise us of any special measures that need to be taken to ensure the proper handling and care of your dog. Please notify us immediately if there are any unwelcome changes to your dog’s temperament/behaviour, that has the potential to cause harm to anyone or any other animal. We will keep you informed of any unwelcome behaviours/incidents witnessed, and will keep a record of the frequency of these behaviours. Failure to disclose, on your part, any matter which might render your dog unsuitable for any service Cosy-Bee’s Pet Services offers, will be deemed as a material omission amounting to a fundamental breach of contract. This will result in the immediate cancellation of all services. 

      On / Off Lead Walks

Cosy-Bee’s Pet Services will not let any dog off their lead without the owner’s expressed consent, given during the initial meeting and authorised on the questionnaire completed on booking. Your dog will only be let off the lead when it is safe and legal do to so. Even with your consent, allowing any dog off their lead will remain at our discretion. 

We will take as much care, as is practicable, to ensure that your dog is not a nuisance or danger to anyone or other animals. However, we cannot be held responsible for any loss, accident, injury or death of any animal in our care. Cosy-Bee’s Pet Services is not responsible for damage incurred by your dog escaping due to a faulty lead/collar or from a collar that is not properly fitted. We will raise any concerns with you regarding any equipment as soon as possible. 

      Provision of Equipment

Cosy-Bee’s Pet Services asks that you supply all suitable equipment required to walk your dog, including leads, harness, collars, muzzles, etc. If these items are not readily available at the collection time, we reserve the right to cancel the walk at the full rate. Cosy-Bee’s Pet Services supplies all toys and plastic bags. We will use the bags on all walks to ensure that any dog faeces are removed and disposed of correctly. The toys provided will be cleaned and replaced on a regular basis. Toys belonging to your dog will not be taken out, to avoid resource guarding behaviours towards other dogs or the item being left. Cosy-Bee’s Pet Services will provide a named towel for each dog we transport. These will only be used if your dog requires a quick towel down after a walk. However, we cannot be held responsible if not all excess dirt/water is removed. 

[Pet Sitting] You must provide all items necessary for Cosy-Bee’s Pet Services to be able to care for your pet(s), including medication, food, leads, bowls, litter trays, cat litter, etc.). Should Cosy-Bee’s Pet Services need to purchase additional supplies, these will be purchased and the cost will be added to the final invoice. A copy of the receipt will be left for you, whilst we will keep the master copy. Please note that if your dog requires additional safety equipment to be walked (e.g. a muzzle), these must be readily available. If not we will not be able to walk your dog during our stay. 

      Loss & Damage to Property

Cosy-Bee’s Pet Services will take all reasonable measures to ensure your home is safe and secure whilst you’re away. However we cannot be held responsible for any burglaries, loss or damage to your property and its contents, attributable to your pet(s). Nor can we be held responsible for any damaged equipment belonging to your dog. 

      Booking Services

[Pet Sitting] Cosy-Bee’s Pet Services cannot confirm any pet sitting booking without first having met you and your pet(s), and your full details and requirements having been discussed. Pet sitting charges are per day and applies from when we are needed until when we leave. For example, arriving before 12pm on Friday until leaving after 1pm on Monday works out as 3.5 days. Cosy-Bee’s Pet Services requires a minimum of 2 days notice for bookings from existing clients, and 7 days for new clients. We cannot guarantee short notice availability, so suggest that you book as far in advance as possible to ensure there is time to arrange an initial meeting, and to avoid disappointment. A non-refundable deposit is required for all pet sitting bookings, for more information on deposits please see Payments, Deposits & Reimbursement section. 

Please be aware that the prices of all services provided by Cosy-Bee’s Pet Services are very competitive and are not negotiable. 

      Initial Assessment & Probation Period

All dogs are subject to an initial assessment by Cosy-Bee’s Pet Services prior to using our services. This is in addition to a behavioural questionnaire that you are required to complete. Cosy-Bee’s Pet Services reserves the right to refuse any dog, at our discretion. All dogs being walked will undergo a trial probation period of one month (charged at the standard rate) to ensure they are adequately trained and socialised, and that they are comfortable with the walker (and vice versa). Cosy-Bee’s Pet Services reserves the right to terminate the contract, at any time, with immediate effect if your dog does not respond well to us and/or the other dogs. 

      Payments, Deposits & Reimbursements

Payments:  Payments for dog walking and pet checks can be paid weekly, fortnightly or on a monthly basis. Cosy-Bee’s Pet Services can accept all payments as cash, cheque, bank transfer and direct debit. Invoices will be sent out via email at the end of each month, and full payments are required within 7 days of being invoiced. For clients using the GoCardless payment method, the direct debit will be made automatically from your account 7 days after the invoice due date (noted on your invoice). 

[Pet sitting] The charge for pet sitting solely depends on your requirements and location. Payment for pet sitting bookings is required in full by the commencement date, and will be discussed at the initial meeting. Should a booking cancel within 7 days of commencing, the full payment will be required. For last minute bookings, due to commence within 7 days, no deposit is required however the full payment is required up front. Invoices will be sent via email, however a paper copy of your invoice can be provided if preferred. 

In accordance with the Late Payment of Commercial Debts Act 1988, amended 1998 and 2002, Cosy-Bee’s Pet Services reserves the right to impose a £2.50 initial late payment fee. If a payment is 3 days overdue, so 10 days after invoicing, the £2.50 late payment fee will be added. Then £0.50 charged each day until the payment, and charges, are paid in full. If the payment is over two weeks late (21 days or more after invoicing) we reserve the right to withdraw all services. If the payment is still not received a month after it is due, we will take legal action to collect the outstanding funds, and the contract for all future services will be terminated with immediate effect. 

Deposits:  There is no deposit required for dog walking or pet checks. However a 25% deposit is required for pet sitting bookings of 7+ nights, and 50% deposit for bookings up to 6 nights in length. These deposits are non-refundable and are required 14 days after the initial meeting to ensure the dates are held for you, unless the booking is due to commence in that time. If no deposit payment is received within the allotted 14 days, we will not be to hold the dates for you, nor can we guarantee that they will be available at a later date. 

Reimbursements:  Cosy-Bee’s Pet Services will cover the cost of any items required for pet sitting that run out during the booking. However, the cost will be charged back to yourself. A copy of the receipt will be left for you, with Cosy-Bee’s Pet Services keeping the master copy. 

      Retaining Services

Cosy-Bee’s Pet Services is aware that everyone’s circumstances are susceptible to change, and if required, can hold a walking slot for clients who need to temporarily suspend services for longer than 3 weeks. This will be charged at £15 a month to ensure that the walking slot is still available for when the walks are due to recommence. We do ask that you keep us informed of all and any changes to the commencement date. In addition to this we ask that you notify us, giving a minimum of one months notice, if you are no longer going to require the walking slot going forward. If we are not given one month’s advanced notice, we reserve the right to charge 50% of the standard rate for a month. 

      Complaints, Concerns & Feedback

Cosy-Bee’s Pet Services takes all complaints and concerns very seriously, and asks that you contact us in writing (via email or SMS message). We will endeavour to respond to these within 48 hours of receiving your message, and will look to reach a resolution that suits all parties. We welcome all feedback, as a means of improving all areas of the business, and to ensure that you are happy with the quality of the service you’re receiving. Cosy-Bee’s Pet Services reserves the right to publish any feedback on our website.


Cosy-Bee’s Pet Services requires a minimum of 24 hours notice for all cancellations, or the full rate will still be charged. Please let us know of any cancellations via email (hello@cosybees.co.uk) or text (07809203359). 

It is your responsibility to let us know of any planned cancellations to the usual service with a minimum of 7 days notice. If we are not given advanced notice, we reserve the right to charge 50% of the standard rate of the cancelled period.  

If we have to cancel your booking at short notice, for example illness, you will receive as much notice as possible. We will notify you of most planned cancellations at the beginning of the year, and a reminder will be including in the emailed invoice for the month prior to the cancellation. We will also notify you as soon as possible with any changes to the planned cancellations. In the case of extreme weather conditions, illness, injury or at your request, your dog will be given time outside to relieve him/herself along with some company and cuddles, as a replacement for the walk. 

One month’s written notice is required from either you or us to terminate a contract, unless it is being terminated as a result of behavioural changes or incidents. In which case Cosy-Bee’s Pet Services reserves the right to terminate the contract with immediate effect.

      Photo & Video Consent

You agree that you are happy for Cosy-Bee’s Pet Services to record and photograph your dog, and for these to be used in any media or advertising without prior approval. All such media remains the property of Cosy-Bee’s Pet Services, and our permission should be sort should you wish you use the photographs for any business purposes. We will email you photos/videos of your dogs walks, as frequently as possible. 


Cosy-Bee’s Pet Services is fully insured to provide the following services: Dog walking, Pet checks, Puppy parties, Puppy training classes and Pet sitting. We hold insurance in respect to these services, along with public liability, professional indemnity, care custody and control of animals (per animal), custodial responsibility, employers liability, animals in transit and loss (or theft) of keys with PetPlan Sanctuary. 

We recommend that all pets are insured, however cannot force this upon anyone, nor can we recommend a particular insurer. However, we do reserve the right to refuse any services to those dogs that are uninsured. 


Cosy-Bee’s Pet Services reserves the right to cancel or cut short any walks, at our discretion, due to extreme weather conditions (e.g., heat, thunderstorms, etc.) or in the sudden onset of sickness, if it is deemed unsafe for the walk to continue.  

Whilst being transported, your dog will be restrained for their own safety, with a canine seat belt attached to their collar or harness. If you prefer your dog travel in a crate or carrier, you will need to advise us of this in advance and also ensure that you provide one that is fit for purpose and is available for each walk. Cosy-Bee’s Pet Services cannot provide these on your behalf. 

Cosy-Bee’s Pet Services will be unable to provide any services to dogs that are extremely aggressive towards people and/or dogs. However, we do advise that all aggression issues be investigated by your vet before consulting a professional dog behaviourist. We always recommend the use of positive reinforcement based training, and under no circumstances would recommend negative reinforcement or force based training.